How Do Dogs Act After Being Boarded and How to Understand it?

How Do Dogs Act After Being Boarded Analyzing Behavioural Patterns

Back in the day when you were leaving home, for a vacation or a work trip, there weren’t many things you could have done with your dog. It was either leaving it alone, taking it with you, or finding family, friends, or neighbors to take care of it.

The times have changed so much that we now have boarding services that can take care of our loved one’s pets, be it for a day, night, or a prolonged period. Have you ever left your dog at a boarding facility?

Today, it is quite a popular option to have your loved one pet professionally trained.

It is never too late to have your dog trained by professionals such as Once they’ve been through the drills, boarding will be a walk in the park.

But, if you haven’t done it as of yet, read what you can expect from your pet after a time well spent at a boarding facility.

Infographic about Adjusting After Boarding

Drinking Too Much Water

One of the initial reactions many dogs will have once they go from a boarding facility to their home is drinking more water than usual. They will immediately be searching for their cup.

You might be afraid that they haven’t been given any in the boarding house, but that won’t be the case.

It is the way the animal reacts to the new experience.

The change of scenery might stress them out a little bit. Also, they probably feel more comfortable at home, or simply they want to drink after a car ride home.

In any case, you should limit their water supplies for the first few hours at home or they might get sick.

In a matter of hours, they will regain their old habits, and over-drinking never becomes a problem long term.

Diet Changes

Diet Changes

In the same way, as with the water, dogs might experience a change in their appetite. Of course, the diet will be different at a boarding facility compared to what your loved one had at home.

Once they go back to the familiar territory they might start eating like they haven’t been in days.

They have frequent meals at a boarding house, but home strikes differently. So, don’t fall into the temptation to feed them straight away, as there’s a chance of overeating.

Instead, you should let them settle for a bit, have a few sips of water, and treat them to their favorite snack a few hours after they’re settled back home.

They’ll feel welcome and accustoming will take much less time.

Personality Changes

Boarding facilities are built on discipline. You probably love your dog, and if that’s the case discipline might not be its strong suit. This is what might cause it to act differently once it is back at home.

Usually, they will appear uninterested, estranged, or simply ignore the familiar surroundings and people.

This is all normal behavior. Simply, your dog might resent you for leaving it in a strange place, without being satisfied to be surrounded by other furry friends for a while. There’s also a different reaction in some dogs.

Many animals will miss you to a massive extent and once you’re back they will cling to you in a way that appears as if they never want to let go.

Both reactions are normal, and in a few days, your dog will be its old self without too many worries.

Vomiting and Change and Stool

Vomiting and Change and Stool

By now you understand that after a day or more of boarding, dogs can feel stress. They can get sad while there, and overly excited once they’re out. This might affect their stool.

Often it gets soft or loose. As a pet owner, you probably know that this can cause issues for the pet, yourself, and the entire household.

The thing is, while in the boarding facility, your loved one will receive quality food, but most likely it will differ from what you’re feeding him at home. Pair this with the stressful change in environment and you get the stool issues.

A period of readjustment is needed here as some pets have more sensitive stomachs.

Some dogs will react by vomiting, which is almost a similar situation, and both should concern you equally. But, knowing that they will soon regain their routine should be something to look for.

Altered Sleep Routine

For owners that have energetic pets, this might come as a good change. Dogs who have a hard time being in a boarding facility often come home and start sleeping more than usual.

This change of routine will only last for a day or two, so you shouldn’t be too worried.

Boarding houses often have playtime intended to wear the dogs out and help them sleep better while they’re away from home. This might result in a few hours more of activity that they’re not used to.

Because of that, they can be sleepy once they get home too.

While you might be in the mood to play with your dog from the moment you meet again, don’t be too worried if he’s more in the mood for a power nap.

It’s all-natural, and give it a few days and everything will be the same as if you never were separated at all.

Bottom Line

Dogs Being Boarded

There you have it. While boarding facilities are a great way to have your dog taken care of while you’re away, it can come your way with a few consequences.

The ones we listed above are the biggest, and as you see, they are not a cause to worry too much, but you need to be aware of what can happen.

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